Twang and Truth

by Rosewood Creek

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released July 20, 2016

Recorded and Produced by

Colin Ward (2,3 and 5) at Dartmouth Sounds and by

Steve Connelly (1 and 4)



all rights reserved


Rosewood Creek Saint Petersburg, Florida

Rosewood Creek is based in Saint Petersburg, Florida and plays Rocking Americana and Roots-Rock music. Their show is high energ. Most of the band's material is original, written by one of the two songwriters in the band.

Marty Fouts, Bonnie Kesler Fouts, Raymond Solomon and Colin Ward.
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Track Name: Settling Down
It’s time we had something better than a casual encounter,
Don’t want to see this ship, running aground,
I don’t mean, we need to make an announcement,
Just ready to give some thought, to settling down

I’m pretty sure we’ve got a good prescription,
And it’s time for us to make it last,
I can’t shake it, you’re becoming an addiction,
I’m sure we’re not moving too fast

We’ve been flying low, way beneath the radar,
No-one even knows that, we’ve been out on the town,
I don’t want to see this thing, head to the graveyard
So let’s step it up and talk about settling down


I’m pretty sure we’ve got a good prescription,
And it’s time for us to make it last,
I can’t shake it, you’re becoming an addiction,
I’m sure we’re not moving too fast

So I need to hear from you, where you think we’re going,
I don’t want to lose you, don’t like the lost and found,
So call me up and tell me if it’s shrinking or growing,
And let me know if you’re ready for settling down
Track Name: Tangled Web
Tangled Web Copyright ©2016 Colin Ward

I walked down to the corner,
I bought myself a paper,
And I sat down to catch up on the news,
And there I saw your photo,
With a cluster of high rollers,
And I thought about the way I lost you

I know that it’s still over,
Maybe I’ll see you later,
You know I didn’t want to see you leave,
Goodbye again,
Glad you found another lover,
Oh lord, what a tangled web we weave

I guess I had it coming
Running out of money,
Left like you were leading a stampede,
There wasn’t much to offer,
No dollars in the coffers,
Time to go and leave me here to bleed


So now I’m doing fine,
Back up on my feet,
Don’t think I want you back,
This freedom’s pretty sweet
Track Name: Driving Me Mad
Driving Me Mad Copyright ©2015 Colin Ward
I woke up this morning,
Looked out the window,
Lined up the hairs on my head,
My first day without you,
What will I do,
Why did I get out of bed
I saw it coming,
The signs were all there,
There’s someone who’s better than me,
Got the looks and the money,
You think he’s so funny,
His place is where you’d rather be

I’m thinking that you might be crazy,
Forgetting the times that we had,
We circled the globe, got lost on the road,
Never very long in our pad,
We shared the adventures, laughed at the weather,
As our memories were made, never sad,
Life was a journey, the world keeps on turning,
Your leaving is driving me mad

The new guy is handsome,
I’m sure he’s got money,
To pay for his house on the hill,
You’ll live like a queen,
While he chips to the green,
Can you handle it all with a pill?


Memories all come from adventures,
No-one remembers their things,
At the end of your life,
You’ll still be the wife,
Who visited countries and kings